Ulli Boehmelmann
Ulli Böhmelmann

The GALERIE ROTHER WINTER is curating a group exhibition for the 6th time in the marble hall of the Henkell sparkling wine cellar, this time under the motto „LUMINOUS“.

Transparency, fragility and gaps are essential themes of the artist Ulli Böhmelmann. Your objects are made from different materials such as paper, porcelain, silicone or nonwoven. In her plastic thinking she is constantly looking for systems and structures that structure the object.

José de Guimarães developed more than 40 years of artistic work into a „pictorial alphabet“ of symbols. These symbols were originally a metamorphosis between European and African archetypes and ideas. In recent works, Guimarães integrated neon tubes. The luminosity of the neon gives the pictures and sculptures a clear design language.

Rita Rohlfing’s works of art cannot be clearly assigned, they are neither painting nor sculpture. Since the mid-90s she has been constructing colored surfaces, some of them several meters high, or rooms that cannot be entered, works with color and light, mostly red tones, and in some cases changes perception by using matt plexiglass panes that break the color effect.


Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG
Biebricher Allee 142
65187 Wiesbaden


11th. of October 2019 to 30th. of September 2020

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