Born in Cologne
1958 - 1966
Studies at the factory schools in Cologne and Wuppertal
Stay at Villa Romana, Florence
Study Trip to North-West India
1988 - 1992
Study trip to Central Africa-Congo: fetish places, Pygmy protective tattooing, participation in the symposium Afro-european
Gabriele Münter Prize, A.B
Study Trip: Mud architecture in Mali and Burkina Faso
Guest lectureship parallel to the sculpture exhibition in the City Park of the City of Wiesbaden as part of the Wiesbaden Art Summer 2004
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solo exhibitions

Africa, with Karlheinz Oswald, Gallery Rother, Wiesbaden
Fragile, with Thomas Reifferscheid, Gallery Rother Winter, Wiesbaden
Three-dimensional, Gallery Rother Winter, Wiesbaden
Terra Nova, Gallery Rother, Wiesbaden, Germany
Spacetime - theoretically straight...realistically crooked, Galerie Reitz, Cologne, Germany
HLP Gallery, Wessling, Germany
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Eva Ohlow

The artist Eva Ohlow was born in Cologne in 1940. From 1958 to 1966, she studied at the works schools in Cologne and Wuppertal under Prof. Schaffmeister. From 1966 to 1979 she was assistant to Prof. Hubert Berke in Cologne. In 1976 she stayed at the Villa Romana in Florence. 1983 Study trip to North-West India. 1988 to 1992 study trip to Central Africa - Congo on the subject of "Fetish Places, Pygmies - Protective Tattoos, participation in the symposium "Afro - European" under the patronage of Johannes Rau. 1997 Gabriele Münster Prize A.B. 1998 Study of clay architecture in Mali and Burkina Faso. 2004 guest lecturer parallel to the sculpture exhibition in the city park of Wiesbaden in the context of the Wiesbadener Kunstsommer. 2011 Study trip to Toluca, Mexico. Eva Ohlow lives and works in Cologne

"The imaginative aspect of mathematics goes far beyond art."