born in Herford, East Westphalia
1992 - 1995
Apprenticeship as a lithographer
2001 - 2006
Studied painting at the University of the Arts, Berlin, with Professor K.H. Hödicke
2008 - 2011
Lectureship at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin-Weissensee
Visiting professor for painting at the CDK Hangzhou, China
Jan Muche lives and works in Berlin
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solo exhibitions

Bamberg Art Association, Bamberg
Review paper, Gallery A-Pick, Turin
House at Lützowplatz, Berlin
Krefeld Art Association
Excavation and import, Kunstverein Ulm
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Jan Muche

The paintings of the artist Jan Muche, born in 1975 in Herford, East Westphalia, are abstract works with a three-dimensional effect. They show a juxtaposition and superimposition of supporting and tensioning structures of bridges, electricity pylons, old factory buildings and are composed of many contrasting color surfaces. "Many [paintings] show modern machines and apparatus. The motifs come from old magazines and books. ... Playing with color surfaces and forms, making visible and at the same time dissolving structures - these old machines are better suited for my form of painting. ... The motifs are pretexts to be able to paint," explains the artist. 1992-1995 apprenticeship as a lithographer, 2001-2006 master's degree in painting under Prof. K.H. Hödicke at the University of the Arts, Berlin, 2008-2011 teaching position at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art, 2011 guest professorship in painting at the CDK Hangzhou / China. Jan Muche lives and works in Berlin.

"My works always emerge from a continuity. Even if they say something completely different in terms of form or materiality, they all have something to do with each other."