Michael Kropp born in Cologne. as an artist autodidact
Livia Kubach born in Bad Münster am Stein. Daughter of the artist couple Anna and Wolfgang Kubach-Wilmsen
1987 bis 1995
Studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, master student of Professor Günther Uecker
seit 1992
Studio community and as a pair of artists freelance self-employed
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solo exhibitions

"Sculpture - Architecture" at the Stone Sculpture Museum Bad Münster Exhibition at the Galleria Kröger, Ascona
Bad Kreuznach Castle Park Museum
Spielvogel Gallery, Munich - Rother-Winter Gallery, Wiesbaden
Gallery Janzen, Düsseldorf
Gallery Liebau, Burghaun near Fulda, MVB Forum Mainz - Gallery Janzen, Düsseldorf - Gallery Rother-Winter, Wiesbaden
Gallery for Contemporary Art, Zurich-Bonstetten, Switzerland - Rhineland-Palatinate State Parliament, Mainz - Wilmsen Gallery, Rheineck, Switzerland - Galleria Stefano Forni, Bologna, Italy
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Kubach und Kropp

Livia Kubach 1966 born in Bad Münster am Stein. daughter of the artist couple Kubach-Wilmsen. 1987 - 1994 studied sculpture at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf with Tony Cragg and Günther Uecker. Master student of Günther Uecker. Michael Kropp 1960 born in Cologne. 1986 - 1991 studied social education at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne (diploma), musician (guitar, harmonica, drums, percussion), self-taught as a visual artist. The artist couple lives and works in Bad Kreuznach since 1992. For Kubach and Kropp, stone is more than just a material, it is a living medium millions of years old, which the artists treat with appropriate respect and empathy and transform into independent works of art which are often movable and go to the limits of what is possible. What is unique is that they can be "played". They sound when touched or moved and make "stone music“.

"Touching the stone is easy - touching the heart is art."


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