born in Chile
lives and works in Santiago de Chile

exhibitions | fairs | awards

solo exhibitions

Chaco, Museo Arte Contemporaneo, Chile
Summer Exhibition Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Individual Exhibition «Study of the Lifeless» Marlborough Gallery. Santiago de Chile
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Nicolas Radic

Nicolas Radic lives and works in Santiago de Chile, where he has been intensively involved in painting for almost 20 years. His works are part of important collections and have been exhibited in Latin American, North American, European and Asian contexts such as the Marlborough Gallery in Barcelona, the Madre Gallery in Santiago and the PYO Gallery in Seoul. He is also an active participant in international contemporary art fairs. Working in oil on canvas, the artist develops a hyper-realistic painterly oeuvre that simultaneously leads towards abstraction. In his paintings, these two ways of dealing with the problematic of the subject coexist harmoniously. His compositions detach the materiality of the depicted objects from their form, de-contextualising them and removing them from their usual functions. Radic works with a variety of motifs such as cellophane, balloons, scrap metal, plastics, spirals and metals, with the aluminium series being his best-known work.