Born in Darmstadt
1979 - 1984
Studied visual communication with a focus on experimental graphics at the University of the Arts, Berlin
Diploma with Professor Helmut Lortz, Berlin
2002 - 2004
Participation in the international artist pleinair, Mirabel, France
Darmstadt calendar pages of the Merck company
Work stay in Shangai, China
Work stay in Istanbul, Turkey
Verena Guther lives and works in Darmstadt.
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solo exhibitions

Gallery von Braunbehrens, Places of Longing, Stuttgart
Python Gallery, Verena Guther - Urban Perspectives, Zurich/Switzerland
Art Gallery 7, Urban Stories - from San Francisco to Cologne, Cologne
Gallery Kerstner, the city on the move, Kronberg
Gertrud Eysoldt Foyer, Cityscape, Park Theater, Bensheim
Gallery Rother, Places of Longing, Wiesbaden/Switzerland Python Gallery, Viewing Distance, Zurich/Switzerland
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Verena Guther

For decades, the internationally active artist Verena Guther has been drawn again and again to the metropolises. What she brings back from her working stays in photographic and mental impressions she translates into clearly composed powerful photomontages. Her photographic single images in connection with elements of her painting merge here in a skillful and subtle way to a unity and a very own unusual view of the cities emerges. "It is not the place itself which arouses my interest, but the atmospheric peculiarity, which is palpable to me in all its complexity." 1957 Born in Darmstadt, 1979-1984 Studied visual communication with a focus on experimental graphics, Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, 1984 Diploma with Prof. Helmut Lortz, Berlin, 2002-2004 International Artistpleinair Mirabel, France, 2007 Working Residency in Shanghai/China, 2008 International 111 Symposium Tenerife/Spain, 2011/2012 Working Residency in Istanbul/Turkey, 2017 Working Residency in San Francisco/USA, 2018 Working Residency in New York/USA. Her works are successfully represented in numerous exhibitions, collections and art fairs in Germany and abroad (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, USA, Canada, Korea, China and Japan). Verena Guther lives and works in Darmstadt.