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Pieces of DOPAMINE

Kai and Uwe, identical twins, found their artistic passion in graffiti and street art, shaped by their shared adventures since childhood. Their work "TRUE DOPAMINE" transports into a world of fetish dreams, between irritation and eroticism.

Pieces of DOPAMINE2024-04-30T16:26:06+02:00

Rhythm of the Sea

The fascinating exhibition 'Rhythm of the Sea' featuring the impressive works of Renata Tumarova can still be viewed at the Rother Gallery until April 13, 2024. We are overwhelmed by the response and look forward to welcoming you until April 13, 2024. A special highlight will be the SHORT NIGHT of the galleries and museums in Wiesbaden on April 13, 2024, from 7 pm to 12 am, marking the conclusion of this unique exhibition.

Rhythm of the Sea2024-04-16T09:37:38+02:00

Masterpieces XI

Discover the success story of the Masterpieces exhibitions, which have been combining the works of talented artists with international masters of modern art for over a decade. The eleventh edition of this special event with artists such as Joan Miró and Andy Warhol will take place from December 1, 2023 to February 3, 2024.

Masterpieces XI2023-11-30T20:47:30+01:00

Shifting Horizons: A Journey of Floating Perspectives

We will show latest works of Rainer Gross in the exhibition "Shifting Horizons: A Journey of Floating Perspectives" from 07 October - 18 November 2023. The exhibition presents not only the fascinating double images, but also a variety of new photographic works that are equally impressive.

Shifting Horizons: A Journey of Floating Perspectives2023-10-07T09:41:18+02:00

Accrochage: Masterpieces in dialogue

From September 6th to September 29th we will show an accrochage with works of contemporary art from from the gallery stock. On display will be works by Günther Uecker, Walter Störer, Max Diel, Helge Leiberg and others.

Accrochage: Masterpieces in dialogue2023-09-07T21:14:00+02:00

Summer break

From August 2nd to September 5th the gallery will be closed. September 6th, we will be back, fresh and full of energy!

Summer break2023-08-02T16:45:47+02:00


The exhibition "Ready steady go around" shows an interplay of paintings and sculptures by painter Miriam Vlaming & the sculptor Helge Leiberg.

VLAMING & LEIBERG2023-04-24T18:00:03+02:00
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