THE WORLD FROM ABOVE  Susanne Zuehlke and Hannes Helmke

September 03 – October 29

Born in Duisburg in 1962, Susanne Zuehlke studied from 1982 to 1988 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe under Professors Harry Kögler and Helmut Dorner. In our current exhibition, the bronze male sculptures of her esteemed artist colleague, Hannes Helmke, born in 1967, complement the paintings. In luminous color surfaces, Susanne Zuehlke’s paintings show the earth in top view, the world from above. “Landscape is a continuous theme of my painting,” the artist explains about her color field landscapes worked with egg tempera on canvas or nettle. “I deliberately forgo superficial narrative content in favor of painterly illusion.”

Time – space – color: this triad is always, as the painter puts it in a picture title: “moved out and present”.

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