November 27 – January 29

We cordially invite you to visit our traditional Masterpieces exhibition with selected works by top-class artists.

We show works by Zigi Ben-Haim, Rolf Cavael, Lovis Corinth, Alain Clément, Alexandra Deutsch, Rainer Fetting, Karl Otto Götz, Mathias Hornung, Per Kirkeby, Dietrich Klinge, Karl Korab, Helge Leiberg, Helmut Middendorf, Hanspeter Münch, Luise Nevelson, Eva Ohlow, Bernard Schultze, K.R.H. Sonderborg, Walter Stöhrer, Fred Thieler and Bernd Zimmer.

We look forward to hearing from you. Information about all our artists and their work can be found on our website. We are also available by phone and e-mail for consultation.

By appointment we offer a free trial hanging of the artworks for a few days.

Stay healthy and cheerful!

Christine Rother-Ulrich, Christian Rother, Christina Seidel

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