MISO DISCOVERY with artwork by Jules Andrieu, Ulli Böhmelmann, Rainer Gross, Leon Löwentraut, Nicolas Radic and Xianwei Zhu

July 23 – August 27

In our group exhibition MISO = MIDSOMMER Discovery, newly conceived for the summer months, we present on the one hand promising young talents from all over the world, such as Chile-based artist Nicolas Radic, combined with interesting new discoveries from our team, such as Chinese-born Xianwei Zhu and Bordeaux-born Jules Andrieu. In addition, there are new and exciting projects by our long-standing established artists such as Rainer Gross, who presents fascinating photographic works, and Ulli Böhmelmann, who will be represented with a permanent installation at New York’s newly founded Museum of Broadway starting in the fall. Not to forget, of course, our probably most prominent newcomer of 2022, Leon Löwentraut, one of the best-known German artists of his generation. You can look forward to an exciting show!

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