Rhythm of the Sea

Discover the fascinating world of art in our current exhibition “Rhythm of the Sea” by renowned artist Renata Tumarova. With an academic education at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and the University of Arts in Berlin under K. H. Hödicke and Valerie Favre, Tumarova brings a unique perspective to her works. The artist combines her conservative classical training in St. Petersburg with the free artistic work she learned in Berlin. In her oil paintings on canvas, she captures atmospheric moments, captures fleeting moments and translates them into colorful, expressive images. The people and places in her works are reduced to their typical characteristics and cannot be clearly assigned to a specific city.

Renata Tumarova attaches great importance to capturing gestures, postures, moods and light. Her paintings are snapshots of impressions that remain in her memory. Through her classical oil painting, she creates well thought-out compositions in the field of tension between the figurative and structured areas of color. In the painting process, she radically reduces, cuts out and captures moving light with the means of art. The artist herself describes her works as more than just images. Her main concern is to blur the boundaries between viewer and representation by trying to draw the viewer emotionally into the picture. Tumarova wants her paintings not only to be viewed, but also experienced. Experience for yourself the impressive expressiveness and depth of Renata Tumarova’s art in our current exhibition. We cordially invite you to feel the “Rhythm of the Sea” and be inspired by the pictures.

The vernissage will take place on Friday, 9th February 2024, from 7 to 9 pm.