September 4 – October 9

We cordially invite you to visit our exhibition “Take Two!” with paintings by Rainer Gross and sculptures by Thomas Reifferscheid from Saturday, September 4, 2021.

Again, we offer you a virtual tour, the link to which we will publish in a timely manner on our website.

Rainer Gross left his hometown of Cologne in 1973 at the age of 22, where he studied art at the Fachhochschule, to go to New York, initially as an assistant to Howard Kanovitz. In 1979 he began his own career as an independent artist, painting figurative paintings with elements of European art history. He found his way to abstract painting in 1993 with the series of “Fingertip Tingling”. In his “Contact Paintings” material and color are in the foreground, their structure recalling the ramshackle charm of peeling house walls. Rainer Gross’ paintings are exhibited internationally in museums and galleries and can be found in many international collections.

In the encounter with the sculptures of Thomas Reifferscheid, different influences can be seen. Obvious is the reference to themes and symbols from architecture, such as gate and column and cube. The sculptural work that follows is, as it were, the discovery of a “formulation” without a function. The rigor of the original ideas and the hardness of the rocks is redeemed by soft, like flowing surfaces. Concave and convex tensions transform abstract idea into sensual form. Over the years, numerous sculptures have been created in public spaces in Germany and Europe as well as in Dubai or Australia.

Information about all our artists and their works can be found on our website. We are gladly available for consultation by phone and e-mail.

By appointment we offer a free trial hanging of the artworks for a few days.

Stay healthy and cheerful!

Christine Rother-Ulrich, Christian Rother, Christina Seidel